Renovation and construcion machinery

In the renovation and construction of machinery we do mostly electric - electronic engineering: reconstruction and installation of processor management, automation,   modernization of drive components. Together with outside engineering partners we can also execute complex reconstruction or build new machinery.


General approaches to the renovation and construction of machinery

We invest our knowledge and experience in the optimal solution of tasks in the areas of electric motor drive system, motion control, industrial automation and industrial electronics, and link them with experience, technological needs  and skills of customers.

Our guidance is providing integrated solutions. At planning the                  realization we use the newest equipment and solutions, with special emphasis on the demands of safety regarding machinery. For this purpose we have established our own booklet of standards in the field of electrical equipment and machinery safety.

Our reference contains many examples of solutions in areas of reconstruction and building   of machinery in various industries. Some successful solutions are described in detail in the   publications and articles.

Some (special) examples of designed solutions

A set for microprocessor control of spot welding machines
Automatic TIG welding


A set for microprocessor control of spot welding machines

The kit is designed to upgrade –replace the steering regulating part of machines for spot welding, for machinery of power ratings up to 48 kVA @ 400V.

It contains a processor unit with the power supply unit and a module for adjustment, display and thyristor controlled voltage source.

The kit is in an embedded shape. With it we can replace the ignition contaktor and the rest of the steering machine.

The main advantages of the system:

  • thyristor control allows federal and optional settings of the welding current (by adjusting the primary voltage of the welding transformer), in both time and shape;
  • synchronization of the thyristor control with the power supply also allows the realization of extremely short and strong welding pulses for the best possible quality of welds from stainless sheet
  • Processor support of the system (full digital implementation) enables accurate and reproducible setting of welding parameters:

    - time before the start of welding
    - start, intermediate and final welding current, together with the times
    - time at the end of welding
    - the time between the two welds in serial welding
    - choice between individual and serial welding

  • the parameters that describe the welding are grouped into predefined items and stored in the memory of the machine; the user easily selects the items, but it is not necessary to know the welding parameters, if not desired.

Automatic TIG welding

The equipment set is designed for installation to the mechanics of single-axle welding             machines manufactured by AVP Ljubljana or similar.

The contents of the set:

  • programmable logic controllers (24 dig. inputs, 16 dig. outputs, 5 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs) with the appropriate software and integrated
  • positioning system (actuator: asynhronic motor with a built-in incremental encoder and helix, frequency inverter, reference switch)
  • user panel for setting the process parameters and control - visualization of events in the machine
  • interface for control of the welding source
  • installation on the machine and system start-up

The set is designed for automatic control of the longitudinal welding.

The main advantages of the solution:

  • the system is designed so that the largest possible part of the welding works automatically, without the activity of the user. The user should only clamp the workpiece, the machine itself then finds the beginning of the plate, carries out the welding, ends the weld, finds the next piece (a total of up to 3), repeats the cycle, ...
  • the whole digital implementation of the system (command of movements and welding) assures the constancy of welding parameters and thus reproducible assurance of product quality.
  • the settings of welding parameters are stored in the memory devices in the form of products. Individual products contain all the necessary settings to ensure the quality of the welding:

    • shifts of the welding head:

      - speed of the search of plates
      - time of the pre-blow
      - accelerating time after welding ignition
      - welding speed
      - time of the after-blow

    • welding parameters (in relation to the source of the welding):
      - the way of welding
      - time format of the welding current (height and times)
      - the rest of the time parameters
  • Such an approach allows a maximum simplified work to the user of the device: he/she only has to select the correct item, clamp workpiece and start welding.

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