Industrial electronics

In the field of elements, devices and systems of industrial electronics we offer our customers standard and custom solutions. We rely on our knowledge and developing experiences in the construction of microprocessor systems of industrial electronics.


Standard solutions

As part of the integrated solutions tasks we provide our customers (not only re-sell, but also advise in the selection, install, if desired, optimize characteristics and maintain) with the standard elements, devices and systems of industrial electronics.


Control unit CUMTX2006

We have developed a microprocessor controller unit for the management of minor concluded regulated or controlled drive units on the machinery.

The unit contains the following eqipment:

  • 3 inputs to the classical incremental encoders (TTL or HTL)
  • 1 input for the absolute single-turn encoder of position (SSI protocol)
  • 1 * 485 interface for management of the frequency converter (USS protocol)
  • 1 * 485 interface for connection to the control system (USS protocol or any 485 protocol)
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 1 digital output
  • supply voltage: 24VDC
  • RS232 interface (optional)
  • Ethernet interface (optional)

Universal controller

Our company manufactures the universal microprocessor controller. It is intended to quickly solve particular tasks, where standard solutions do not exist or are not optimal.

  The controller is built modular. The minimum configuration contains:

- a power supply unit and
- a processing unit with the following equipment:

  • 5 analogue - digital inputs
  • 2 digital outputs (relay)
  • RS 232 interface

  The controller can be easily extended with the following modules:

- Universal keyboard with a display:

  • foil keyboard with 22 keys
  • display: 4x20 characters LCD with back light or 6x7 segmental LED
  • 6 additional diodes for clear display of status

- Measuring-interface module:

  • interface RS 485 (half duplex, to 500 kbit / s)
  • inputs for 2 incremental encoder (TTL, HTL, up to 1 MHz)

- PLC module:

  • 24 digital inputs (0 to 30VDC)
  • 16 digital outputs (relay)
  • 2 analog outputs (8 or 12 bit, +-10V)

With the help of the controller and suitable software it is possible to rapidly execute custom solutions from simple counters, display controller unit, inverters, to a two-axes positioning system.


Measuring-communication interfaces

When performing measurements with online storage results on the ordinary PC   computers, interfaces that transform signals (analogue or digital) of the sensors into ASCII or binary sequences and transmit them to the control program in the PC via serial line are necessary. For larger systems, more monitoring sites in the industrial  environments, the separate places are linked to the RS 485 network and then connected to a PC computer via the RS232 - RS 485 interface.

 That is why we make measuring-communication interfaces for  connecting sensors  to the RS232 or RS 485 lines:

  • for general use: interfaces for a total of up to 5 analog inputs and / or digital inputs (analog inputs: +-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 10 bit resolution, digital inputs 0/24V)
  • for the other interfaces by arrangement

Special counters

We have developed a multi-functional counter, which in itself combines the functions of several counters, especially for the needs of the market. The performance of the microprocessors allows basic functions of counting and measuring as well as the immediate processing of the results: calculations of mutual dependence of inputs, statistics management, communication with the control systems ...

The maximum configuration can process simultaneously:

  • up to 5 ordinary impulse counting inputs (2 inputs to 20kHz, 3 inputs to 5 kHz)
  • up to 2 incremental encoders (TTL, HCMOS, up to 1 MHz)

Positions and speeds on the individual inputs, comparisons, mathematical operations, reporting of preset conditions can be processed;  the results can be realized with 4 line LCD display or with 6 digit 7 segmental LED display. Parameters of the counter are adjusted through the keyboard with the help of the user program. Remote control is possible via RS 232 interface, network connections through the RS 485 interface.


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