Integrated solutions

Our company offers integrated solutions for problems with drives and general automation.

Integrated solutions include:

  • definition of requirements
  • technical solution of tasks (design)
  • verification of technical solutions in relation to the current standards and general technical practice
  • selection of appropriate items for an optimal solution
  • proper sizing of selected items
  • selection of proper elements of automation: sensors, switches, controllers, ...
  • selection of other necessary elements (safety requirements ,...)
  • the making of the project and design documentation, in accordance with the applicable law
  • software development
  • manufacture, supply and installation of equipment
  • testing
  • installation and commissioning
  • servicing and maintenance of equipment in and out of warranty period

 Our long-year experience in the development, production and applications of frequency inverters have been upgraded with the skills of industrial automation, process management, advanced communications and electrical design, so we can responsibly say that ensuring the quality of integrated marketing solutions is our main priority and focus. The process of upgrading knowledge is never ending, and the base of experience in the field of drives, engineering, industrial automation  and related technologies is expanding with each application.


The design documentation:

 The company is registered at IZS (ID: 2151), with an authorized engineer ID: E-1235), so we can provide project documentation in accordance with applicable law.


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